About Us

LECHERY, to some may have negative connotations, to us, it’s more than sexual fantasies and desires. LECHERY is every ladies’ sanctuary for feeling sexy, embracing unabashed femininity, and deconstructing stigmas of women who enjoy being themselves in hosiery/lingerie. 

From weekly interviews to daily posts of unabashed women to your guide with hosiery and lingerie, we hope to inspire and raise awareness to those women who have long been battling the stigmas attached to wearing hosiery/lingerie. We want YOU to know that you are not alone. We are in this battle together.

A woman’s true mood can be shown with the type of hosiery/lingerie she chooses to wear. She can be sweet with one set, but fatale with another. Do not undermine the power of hosiery and lingerie. LECHERY is the sanctuary for the sexy you.

Please note: We are currently a self-funded platform and every post we have written thus far is by no means sponsored. We do not get paid for the content we deliver, so we hope you appreciate every blog post as we write them for the basis of empowering and helping women find joy in hosiery & lingerie.